condense翻譯:壓縮, 壓縮,縮短(講話或文章), 使(液體)濃縮, 變成液體, (使氣體)變成液體或固體;(使)凝固;(使)凝結。了解更多。 Cambridge Dictionary Plus 我的主頁 How to 退出 詞典 定義

condense中文:濃縮,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋condense的中文翻譯,condense的發音,音標,用法和例句等。 condensed film 縮合膜。 condensed milk 煉乳。 condensed spark 高電爐火花。 condensing lens 聚光透鏡。 condense vapour into rain 使

condense的意思、解釋及翻譯:1. to reduce something, such as a speech or piece of writing, in length: 2. to make a liquid thicker by removing some of the water 3. to change or make something change from a gas to a liquid or solid state: 。了解更多。


Condense definition is – to make denser or more compact; especially : to subject to condensation. How to use condense in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of condense. Choose the Right Synonym for condense contract, shrink, condense, compress, constrict,

11/3/2014 · Condense definition, to make more dense or compact; reduce the volume or extent of; concentrate. See more. Frozen “Yogurt” Got Its Name From A Big Misunderstanding Double or single scoop? Cone or cup? However you take it, all frozen desserts have one

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condense 英漢雙解計算機詞典 In data management system, to move library members together in a library to create one continuous area of unused space in the library. 在數據管理系統中,把庫中的若幹成員移放在一起,以便把庫中未用的存儲空間構成一片連續 的

condensate /k’ɑndəns,et/ 共發現 5 筆關於 [Condensate] 的資料 (解釋內文之英文單字均可再點入查詢) 來源(1): pydict data [pydict] condensate 濃縮物,固化物,冷凝液 來源(2): 看

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We will condense, for the benefit of the reader, the information of Mr. Leverton. We must, however, condense the matter, which was very voluminous. What I have done is to condense some of that vapor into a solid. Yet in order to condense the steam there must


Define condense. condense synonyms, condense pronunciation, condense translation, English dictionary definition of condense. v. con·densed , con·dens·ing , con·dens·es v. tr. 1. a. To make more dense or compact: gravity condensing matter into stars. b. To

Condensation is the change of the physical state of matter from the gas phase into the liquid phase, and is the reverse of vaporization. The word most often refers to the water cycle.[1] It can also be defined as the change in the state of water vapor to liquid water when in contact with a

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The control to condense multiple, organism and NH4-N are the key factors. 浓缩倍数的控制以及有机物浓度、氨氮浓度都是污水回用中的关键因素。 参考来源 – 城市污水回用于火力发电厂循环冷却水研究

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Chemistry condense con‧dense / kənˈdens / verb 1 [intransitive, transitive] HC LIQUID if a gas condenses, or is condensed, it becomes a liquid the mist which condensed on every cold 2

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condense definition: To condense is to make something shorter or more concentrated, or to cause to change from a gas or vapor to a liquid. (verb) When you take a paper that

CONDENSEのブログを開設しました。 主に弊社の梶原が記事を書いています。 かなりプライベートな内容も含まれますが、、もしよろしければお暇な時にでもお読み頂けますと幸い

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Definition of condense to in the Idioms Dictionary. condense to phrase. What does condense to expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

當空氣的含水量到達頂點時,空氣便達致飽和狀態;這一種情況,可由水汽不 斷增加或氣溫不斷下降而引致,在大氣中後者較為常見。若氣溫進一步下降時,過量的水汽會凝結

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Condensed matter physics is the field of physics that deals with the macroscopic and microscopic physical properties of matter. In particular it is concerned with the “condensed” phases that appear whenever the number of constituents in a system is extremely large and the interactions between the constituents are strong. The most

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1000万語収録!Weblio辞書 – condense とは【意味】濃縮する,凝縮させる 【例文】condense milk 「condense」の意味・例文・用例ならWeblio英和・和英辞書 Weblio英和